Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 6

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Yolanda

Angus Powell – Hole in my Heart
Rachel talks about her strained relationship with her father.

Generdyn – Bridges
Kiaya goes into labor.

Chloe Tang – DJWD
Ashley plans a girl’s trip to Las Vegas.

Citrine – Part of the Universe
Brianna talks about her latest communication with Braeson’s father.

BOWS – Time To Go
Rachel and her mom feed Hazelee breakfast.

Red Red Lips – Got My Eye On You
Heather is upset with her sister’s choices to abandon her daughter.

Rolder West – Cause I’m Believing
Kayla takes Izaiah to get a haircut.

Young Ginsen – We Don’t Care
Ashley meets Bar and Holly for dinner.

DSRT – Wasting Time
Ashley tells Bar he lacks determination.

Escondido – Footprints
Brianna gets a text from Braeson’s dad.

Crater – Brood
Rachel struggles to take care of Hazelee while her sister is out partying.

Elisia Savoca – Solo
Kiaya is still in labor at the hospital.

Fjora – Hero
Kiaya gives birth.

Lost Terra – Let You Know
Ashley hangs out at her mom’s house.

Allie Moss – Bet My Life
Kayla talks to Luke about their future plans.

The Kyds – You & Me & Everybody
Kiaya spends time with her son, Amour, at the hospital.

Yolanda – People
End Montage.

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