Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 5

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: ANIIML

Rahn Harper – Earnings
Brianna is stressed out after getting the paternity results.

Rachel is upset that she isn’t getting help from her family.

Exwives – In The Other Room
Rachel feels like her sister and Jacob let her down.

Dries Van Haute – Games
Ashley talks to her mom about her relationship with Bar.

Kingsley – Human
Kiaya attends a doctor’s appointment.

Rolder West– Different Ways
Kiaya talks about her relationshp with her baby’s father.

Cameron Paul – Feels
Rachel is happy when Jacob comes to visit.

For Esme – In The Night Air
Brianna is still processing the results of the paternity test.

BOWS – Something’s Out There
Brianna calls Braeson’s father.

Charlotte Black – All Over You
Kayla cleans Izaiah after he steps in dog poop.

Addison – Just Begun
Ashley and Bar have a difficult conversation.

BAXX FUTURE – Heart Say So
Teazha gets a haircut.

Lux Lovelle – Live It Up
Kiaya and her cousin talk about her upcoming birth date.

Lowpines – Struck Gold
Brianna texts with Braeson’s father.

Bikini Trill – KUT-U-UP
Ashley gives a class presentation.

BOWS – Time To Go
Rachel talks to her mom about not getting a paternity test.

The Spacies – Keep Your Head Up
Kayla talks to her friend about meeting with Stephan.

William Bolton – Nowhere
Kiaya’s mom calls X’zayveon’s mom.

End Montage.

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