Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 4

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Tiny Deaths

Curio – You Are Free
Kiaya and her friend do their makeup.

Betty Moon – Liar
Teazha and her cousin talk about her relationship with her mom.

SIAS – Habitat
Kayla and Luke talk about her doctor’s appointment.

Tiny Deaths – Home
Rachel prepares to have her baby.

The Flavr Blue – My Vice
Ashley attends school.

Rahn Harper – Phases
Ashley talks to her mom about her upcoming trip with Bar.

Red Red Lips – Feel Good Real Good
Kiaya celebrates her baby shower with family and friends.

Lucian – No Games
Kiaya and Teazha have lunch with Kiaya’s mom.

Kate Buchanan – Beginnings and Ends
Rachel gets admitted into the hospital.

Cynnamon – I Did a Bad Thing
Kayla and Luke play with Izaiah at home.

The Flavr Blue – Pink Chateau
Stephan facetimes with his mom.

Sense – There Goes My Heart
Brianna talks to her mom about getting a paternity test.

Chance Pena – Bad Days
Brianna helps Braeson take a paternity test.

John Lucas – Love Endures All Things
Rachel has her baby.

JM-N – Free
Teazha calls her brother.

Kate Buchanan – Stand With Me
Teazha’s brother and her mom tak about Teazha’s relationship with Kiaya.

Jessica Lamb – Still Trying
Kayla is nervous to talk to her mom about her pregnancy.

Oyster Kids – Houses
Ashley and Bar spend time in Los Angeles.

Viv and the Revival – Strange Ways
End Montage.

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