Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 3

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: MOONWATER

Ever Moon – Hold My Breath
Kayla tells Luke the big news.

King Rose – Unstoppable
Rachel and Jacob spend time at her house.

Red Red Lips – What What
Rachel talks to her family about being in the delivery room with her.

Trak Kartel ft. Jess Kash – Bad Girl
Kiaya talks about her trust issues with Teazha.

JM-N – The Time is Right Now
Ashley gets ready for Holly’s christening.

Rynn – Secrets
Kiaya and Teazha have a fight.

Viv and the Revival – Run Wild
Rachel’s family is worried because her sister didn’t come home.

Oyster Kids – Losing My Mind
Ashley and Bar drive to the church for Holly’s christening.

Loyal Lobos – Burn
Holly gets christened.

Class of 88 – Walking on the Ceiling
Brianna talks to her mom about reaching out to her dad.

Nicholas Roberts – I Know Enough
Brianna calls her dad.

Ragers – Skyfall
Kiaya and Teazha go out to dinner to discuss their problems.

Lexxi Saal – Break a Bottle
Kiaya eats octopus for the first time.

Joachim – Call Me Crazy
Rachel’s sister finally comes home.

Shenna – Hope You’re Happy
Ashley’s family celebrates after Holly’s christening.

Olivia Thai – I Can Do Better
Brianna receives an unexpected facebook message.

MOONWATER – No Going Back
End Montage.

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