Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 2

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: LeyeT

SFP 1740 – Show Me The Way
Brianna is happy for Danae when he undergoes top surgery.

Tiger Jeans – Sweet Victory
Brianna gets her nails done with a friend.

GHOSTAS – Bring It
Rachel gets ready for her baby shower.

JM-N – The Time is Right Now
Rachel and her friends head to her baby shower.

The Federal – Through the Fire
Her friends and family play baby shower games.

DSRT – Show Me a Sign
Kiaya and her girlfriend get snowcones.

Oyster Kids – Losing my Mind
Kayla gets ready for her boyfriend’s basketball game.

Stella Mwangi – Get Together
Kayla supports Luke at his game.

Chloe Tang – Hangover
Rachel talks about ending her relationship with Drew.

Nicholas Roberts – I Know Enough
Brianna prepares to call Danae.

Rynn – Up In Flames
Brianna talks to Danae.

Maya Payne – Lucky Ones
Ashley worries about her daughter’s upcoming christening.

Brandyn Kaine – Nightfall
Kiaya attends a doctor’s appointment.

LeyeT – Like You More
Kayla worries Luke may have to move out of state.

Laminate Paper Animals – Long Nights
Brianna feels worse after her call with Danae.

Red Red Lips – How We Do
Rachel gets her nails done with her sister.

LeyeT – Drip Drop
Kiaya’s girlfriend wants to move in.

Zayde Wolf – Breathing Oxygen
Ashley talks to her mom about Holly’s christening.

Oyster Kids – Give In
Kayla and Luke go furniture shopping.

Crystal – All of These Thoughts
End Montage.


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