Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 18

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: MOR

New Body Electric – Melt
Brianna talks to her ex who is planning to visit.

Story & Blue – Don’t Tell Anyone
Rachel’s boyfriend, Koty, comes over to talk.

MOR – Wishful Thinking
Rachel’s mom is nervous about her future.

Munnycat – Don’t Trip
Ashley returns from LA and talks to her mom about Bar’s behavior.

Brandyn Kaine – Calliope
Bar and his friends talk about Ashley over lunch.

Amanda Mair – Wednesday
Kiaya is upset about her breakup.

Wenz – Forever
Brianna visits her ex.

LayeT – Let Me Know
Brianna and her ex reconnect in person.

I, Us & We – Trigger
Rachel goes to the hospital.

Lauren Monogold – When The Dark Comes
Rachel gets heartbreaking news.

Rahn Harper – What’s Goin’ On
Teazha talks about Kiaya over lunch with her cousin.

SVANA – Last Confession
Rachel reflects on past decisions while in the hospital.

Misun – Sharpshooter
Brianna and her ex have dinner with her family.

Viv and the Revival – Walk On The Sun
End Montage.

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