Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 17

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Sam Valdez

Misun – After Me
Rachel talks about her best friend hooking up with Drew.

BAUM – First
Ashley talks to her mom about her issues with Bar.

Fictionist – We Can Sleep When We Die
Kayla and Luke settle into their new apartment.

Boundary Run – Make It Out
Kiaya reveals she was fighting all night with Teazha.

Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure – Opening Up
Brianna gives Jayden an ultimatum.

Ghostas – Outta Yr Head
Rachel gets her first prenatal check-up.

The Roosevelts – Love In Color
Kayla is frustrated Luke isn’t helping out as much around the house.

Ella – Kryptonite
Kiaya, her mom, and Teazha have a heart to heart about their relationship.

Eddy I – Aurora
Bar talks to his friend in his car.

Sam Valdez – Other Side
Brianna has a relationship update.

Red Red Lips – Follow Your Heart
Brianna updates her friend on her life with Jayden.

CLAVVS – Lungs
Kiaya and Teazha have another fight.

Adna – Shiver
End Montage.

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