Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 16

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: SIAS

Nene Banks – Girls on Lock
Brianna spends a lot of time with her new boyfriend.

Elemvnts – Young Once
Ashley and her mom prepare for Holly’s birthday.

Miles Knox – Am I Human
Kiaya is having issues with her X’Zayveon’s mom.

Lexxi Saal – Walk The Walk
Kayla talks to Luke about her disappointment in Stephan.

Shawn Estes – I Can’t Get Over You
Ashley and her family celebrate Holly’s birthday.

King Rose – Unstoppable
Brianna wants to invite her new boyfriend on Braeson’s birthday trip.

Good Night Gold Dust – Better Gone
Rachel is still processing the shocking news.

Laminate Pet Animals – Eve
X’Zayveon talks to his mom on the phone.

Dominique – I Think I’m Falling
Kiaya and Teazha go on a date after therapy.

Moonwater – Come Alive
Kayla gives birth.

Gold Fir – Fatal Fantasies
Bar comes over to pick up Holly from Ashley’s house.

Von Sell – Scene of a Crime
Ashley and her mom apologize for fighting.

Lux Lovelle – Live It Up
Brianna talks to Jayden about coming on the birthday trip.

Jillian Rae – White Walls
Brianna talks to her mom about the tension with Vanessa.

Crater – Crater Head
Rachel makes a life-changing decision.

Enny Owl – Singing In My Sleep
Kayla and Luke take Ariah home.

SIAS – These Days
Kayla and Luke pick up Izaiah from her mom’s house.

Drewey Bear – Home
They spend their first afternoon at home.

Retail – Build Me Up
Brianna drives with Jayden to the coast.

Kayla Marque – Think You Are
End Montage.

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