Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 15

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Sense

MNWLKER – Want The Same Things
Kayla talks to her mom about moving into her apartment complex.

Mothica – Shape Shifter
Ashley talks about her troubled past with Bar’s family.

Sleeptalk – Apart From You
Brianna invites her crush to meet her family.

William Bolton – Hold Me Down
Stephan calls his mom.

Ghostas – Giving Each Other
Rachel and her boyfriend give her daughter a bath.

Sense – All Mine
Brianna’s mom talks about her concerns over Brianna’s new relationship.

X V I – Paranoid
Ashley and Bar talk about Holly’s upcoming birthday.

The Flavr Blue – Majesty
Kiaya and Teazha agree to attend couple’s counseling.

Lia – To The Woods
Kiaya and Teazha talk about emotional issues.

ALOOF – Be Without You
Luke moves some things into his and Kayla’s new apartment.

Baxx Future – Seeds in the Garden
Kayla and her mom talk about their living arrangements.

Lexxi Saal – Keep Running
Ashley and Bar try to talk about Holly’s party again.

Shenna – Hope You’re Happy
Brianna and Jayden’s relationship becomes official.

True Babies – Welcome to the Dark Side
End Montage.

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