Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 14

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: The Franklin Electric

Goldmyth – Lover’s Letdown
Brianna is excited for her sister to arrive in Oregon.

Flavia – Gotta Let You Go
Brianna reveals the person she’s been talking to is moving to Oregon too.

Ghostas – Never Be The Same
Rachel isn’t happy her sister is getting back with her ex-boyfriend.

Olivia Thai – Circles
Kiaya is upset that Teazha goes prom dress shopping without her.

LION-S – Salvation
Ashley gets ready to take her final exam.

Leo the Kind – Windows
Kayla’s mom decides to move with her and Luke.

Eriel Indigo – Elevation
Kayla tells Luke about her mom moving.

Tiny Deaths – Always
Rachel wants to see her dad in Atlanta.

Jillian Rae – Wayward One
Rachel talks to her dad on the phone.

Yeah Yeah Sure Sure – Look Out
Brianna and her family greet her sister at the airport.

Winning Max – Feel Like I’m Falling
Rachel is worried she might be pregnant again.

Rahn Harper – Earnings
Ashley gets ready for her graduation.

Brandyn Kaine – Dalai Lama
Kiaya is upset her prom plans were ruined.

OKKAH – Body of a Swan
Brianna is nervous to meet her long distance crush.

Citrine – Freefall
Kayla’s mom looks at houses with them in Iowa.

Emily Vaughn – What Do You Want From Me
Ashley receives her diploma.

New Body Electric – Cash Cache
Rachel and her mom talk about their recent fight.

The Franklin Electric – Trouble
End Montage.

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