Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 13

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Drawing North

Jordana – Gold Mine
Brianna and her grandma talk about her career prospects.

Sam Shelton – Where We Go
Brianna applies to college.

Tyler Shamy – Taxi
Kiaya feels it’s hard to balance co-parenting.

Citrine – Sideways
Rachel talks about her breakup.

Ragers – All I Need
Ashley and her sister talk about her current relationship status.

Goldenface – Back To You
Brianna tours a college campus.

Yeah Yeah Sure Sure – We Got Love
Kayla and Luke tour a potential new home.

Jo’el – Tearing Down This Wall
Ashley meets with Bar.

Tyson Motsenbocker – The Passage
Ashley and Bar talk through their problems.

Ben Phipps – Mrs. Mr.
Brianna is excited about a new dating app match.

Winning Max – Feel Like I’m Falling
Rachel is worried she might be pregnant again.

DJDTP – Lies
Ashley is happy with how her talk with Bar went.

Chances – Hide Unseen
Kiaya and her girlfriend drive to the prison.

Brandyn Kaine – Things You’re Missing
Kiaya and her girlfriend talk about what’s best for Amour.

Lion-S – Paranoid
Rachel and her sister go to the doctor to get birth control.

Retail – Build Me Up
Kayla and Luke continue their apartment tour in their new city.

Drawing North – Piece of the Light
End Montage.

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