Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 12

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Devin Kennedy

Baxx Future – Higher
Brianna says she’s focusing on Braeson instead of dating.

Polo – Louder Than Words
Brianna and her mom talk about getting Braeson a prosthetic.

HRDLY – Fuse
Ashley deals with a life change.

Bikini Trill – Ghost Town
Rachel talks about her relationship with Jacob.

OZZIE ft. Teflon Sega – FRZZN
Rachel is upset that Jacob doesn’t trust her with Drew.

Baxx Future – Clouds
Brianna and her family help build a bike for Braeson.

Devin Kennedy – Fact or Fiction
Ashley tries to support her mom during their difficult time.

Keeley Shaye – Off the Books
Rachel and Jacob bicker about unresolved issues.

Chloe Tang – Stranger
Stephan and his girlfriend call Kayla.

Rolder West – Empty Heart
X’Zayveon’s mom meets Amour for the first time.

Leo Islo – Modern Fiction
Brianna leaves Braeson’s doctor appointment in high spirits.

Enny Owl – Smoke
Brianna, her mom, and Braeson go to the park.

Viv and the Revival – Lost in the Fire
Brianna helps Braeson on his bike.

Lauren Monogold – Dead Man Walking
Rachel and Jacob have plans to meet up at the lake.

Teflon Sega – The Fire We Lost
End Montage.

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