Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 10

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Ragers

Bikini Trill – 225am
Kiaya is frustrated that her girlfriend doesn’t like her relationship with Amour’s father.

Fictionist – Right Now
Rachel talks about her breakup.

Tiny Deaths – Backwards
Rachel’s sister gets her paternity test results.

Red Red Lips – Follow Your Heart
Ashley talks to a counselor about her relationship with Bar.

Hidden State – I’m Moving On
Brianna talks to her mom about her communication with Braeson’s dad.

Sheena – Conversation
Kayla and Luke leave the doctor’s office.

Ragers – Alright
Kiaya gets Amour’s ear’s pierced.

Brittany Pfantz – Push Pull
Brianna, her mom, and Braeson go out for dinner.

MNWLKER – Don’t Mean It
Bar picks up Holly from Ashley’s mom’s house.

Rahn Harper – Re-Electrified
Bar and his friend go to a tattoo shop.

BAXX FUTURE – Tear Down This House
Bar gets a tattoo.

Olivia Thai – I Can Do Better
Kayla talks to her friend about her fight with Stephan.

Your Favorite Color – Their Way
Rachel leaves the house when Drew comes over.

Teflon Sega – Enemies
Ashley is upset with Bar’s decision to get a tattoo.

Betty Moon – Believer
Brianna texts Braeson’s dad.

7th and Hope – Hello
Amour gets his ears pierced.

Leo Islo– LLT
Kiaya and her girlfriend stop talking after a fight.

Small Million – Bullets in the Bower
End Montage.

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