Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 9

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Sam Tinnesz


Edward + Jane – Little House
Jade talks to her grandma about her fight with her mom.

Cin3ma – Temperance
Jade talks to Sean about her parents being out of their house.

Owen Bones – Anywhere
Ashley meets her sister for smoothies.

Travelist – Falling
Brianna gives an apartment update.

Cinematic – Romantic Suicide
Lexi and Kyler go out to dinner.

Sucré – Roof Caves
Danae gets ready for a job interview.

Polar Sets – How I Want You
Stephan and Kayla take care of the baby together.

Rambo Hustle – Let’s Ride
Ashley and Bar explore day care options.

Glassio ft. NAKAYA – Daydream
Ashley and Bar talk about their future plans.

Pom Pom – Gimmie You
Lexi meets a friend for coffee.

Lucian ft. Philosofie – Do My Thing
Kayla celebrates her 19th birthday with friends.

Andrew Belle – The Enemy
Brianna talks to her mom about her living situation with Danae.

Tatiana – I Never Will
Jade attends her family dinner without Sean.

Blayre Mic – Love B.P.M.
Lexi prepares to ask Kyler out.

Austin Plaine – The Cost
Lexi confronts Kyler.

Sam Tinnesz – Even if it Hurts
End Montage.

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