Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 7

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Greg Hvnsen

Lucian – Calm Waters
Jade explains where her relationship with Sean is at.

MC Yogi – Unbroken Devotion
Ashley and Bar take turns caring for the baby throughout the day.

James Grundler – Kayla gives birth.
Lexi gives birth

Turf Club – Perfect Day
Lexi invites a friend over while she watches her baby.

William Bolton – Love Supreme
Bar takes his sister with him to look at a special gift for Ashley.

Devvon Terrell – Why So Serious
Bar talks to Ashley’s mom about his plans.

Aaron Sprinkle – Wander
Brianna talks to her mom about her fight with Danae.

Len Sanders – Dreams Dreams Dreams
Lexi talks about how her relationship with Kyler is changing.

Edward + Jane – Days
Kayla and Stephan leave the hospital.

Van Damsel – Best of Everything
Ashley’s mom tells her Bar’s secret.

Wolfside – 6th and 34th
Brianna visits Danae at a hotel.

Phebe Starr -Alone With You
Sean asks Jade an important question.

Andrew Belle – Wants What it Wants
Kyler tells Lexi about his new job an hour from home.

Neo Noir – Take Me Away
Jade and Sean come home after their date.

Greg Hvnsen – L.I.N.E.
End Montage.


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