Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 5

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist:  Citrine

Dot Dot Dot – Gonna Be a Good Day
Brianna and Danae enjoys their baby shower.

Aaron Sprinkles – Steady
Brianna and Danae have a talk after their baby shower.

ARMORS – Kerosene
Lexi attends her last football game as a cheerleader.

Big Waves – Take Control
Jade takes care of the baby alone while Sean goes to work.

Sucre – Retribution
Things are tense between Ashley, Bar, and her mom.

Cocovan – Some One to Love
The group arrives at Lake Tahoe.

Carmen Rosa – Wild Ones
Kayla explains her current feelings for Stephen.

Young Summer – Sons of Lightning
Lexi tells Kyler that her mom wants to talk to them.

Zach Berkman – All Because of You
Brianna gives birth.

Sleeping in Cars – You Got Me
Brianna, the baby and her family return home.

Citrine – Care 2 Much
Kayla gets an ultrasound.

Oyster Kids – Lips
Ashley and Bar take pregnancy pictures.

Austin Plaine – Hard Days
Lexi tells her mom about her latest conversation with Kyler.

Allie Moss – Learn to Lay It Down
Lexi’s mom gets emotional when talking to Lexi and Kyler about their plan.

Devvon Terrell – You Been Gone
Brianna and Danae take care of the new baby.

Triibe – My Love
Brianna’s mom and Danae come to an agreement.

London Yorke – Raise Up The Flag
Kayla talks to her friend about the situation with Stephan.

BAUM – Hot Water
Kayla takes pregnancy photos.

Polarsets – How I Want You
Ashley, Bar and their friends spend time at the lake.

Andrew Belle– Deep Dive
End Montage.

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