Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 6

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Frills

Frills – Damn Girl
Danae hold baby Breson while Brianna eats lunch.

Citrine – Stay
Kayla is upset she hasnt heard back from Stephan.

Philip LaRue – Sweet Love
Lexi gives birth

FRAEA – Awake
Jade is upset that Sean quit his job without telling her.

OWEL – Be Quiet
Ashley gives birth.

POLO – Neighbourhood
Kayla talks to her mom about her college plans.

Aaron Sprinkle – Wander
Kayla gets emotional when talking about Stephan.

Grackus L Ray – Say You’ll Be
Lexi and Kyler wash the baby’s face.

LandMrks – Only You Can Save Me
Jade stays at her friends apartment after getting into an argument with Stephan.

Color Palatte – Rogue Wave
Ashley heads home from the hospital with her baby.

CLAVVS – Bloom
Kayla and her friend get ice cream.

The AM – Undertow
Kayla leaves Stephan a voicemail.

This Wild Life – Let Go
Brianna and Danae talk about their recent fight.

Bantug – Circles
End Montage.


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