Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 4

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist:  Devvon Terrell

CLAVVS – Future Gold
Jade is upset after she gets in a fight with her boyfriend Sean.

ARMORS – Overdose
Kyler plays catch with his brother.

Devvon Terrell – Out Of My Element
Bar facetimes with his mom.

Lucian – Close To You
Brianna and Danae visit his family in Chicago.

Kali J  – Addicting
Danae and Brianna spend time at his family’s house.

Scattered Patterns – Heat Waves
Kayla and her friends set up for her baby shower.

Nevada Wild – Fire in the Woods
Lexi and Kyler clean up the baby’s room together.

Wolfside – 6th and 34th
Jade attends her last doctors appointment with her family.

Tanerella – Dali
Ashley explains why she and Bar got into a fight.

Cin3ma – Unstoppable
Jade gives birth.

Turf Club – Can You Feel It
Kayla’s baby shower starts and Stephan is late.

Talk Modern – Bad For Ya
Stephan gets emotional after the baby shower.

SAIVS – Into the Void
Kayla talks to Stephan about his actions.

Flocks and the Lookout – I Won’t Let You Go
Sean takes care of the baby while Jade takes a shower

The Palms – Don’t Waste My Time
Jade tries to get her boyfriend to hang out with her4.

Jillian Edwards & Jake Etheridge – Light Me Up
End Montage.

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