Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 3

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist:  CLAVVS

Sibling – Swipe
Brianna feels stuck in the middle between her mom and Danae.

Sheare – You + I
Lexi meets up with Kyler after studying at her new school.

Van Damsel – Sophia
Lexi talks about how upset she gets after hearing that people are talking about her behind her back.

Arvi – She Keeps Lighting Fires
Lexi and her friends talk about how disappointed they are in their town’s small mindedness.

Close Talker  – Burnstick
Jade gets ready for her doctor’s appointment.

Aaron Sprinkle  – I Don’t Know Who You Are
Jade call’s her mom about her doctor’s appointment.

SLEEPLUST – Flood Gates
Jade talks to her doctor about the upcoming due date.

Young Summer – Blood Love
Kayla and Stephan hang out together.

Lucian – Down The Middle
Lexi goes dress shopping with her mom.

St. Leonards – How I Feel
Lexi feels discouraged after trying on dresses.

Dave Thomas Jr. – Turn Down Time
Danae tries to comfort Brianna.

Jordana – Gold Mine
Lexi’s Mom helps Lexi get ready for her date night.

The Technicolors – Fever Bomb
Jade hangs out with her friends.

Turf Club – Shake and Shout
Ashley and Bar go on a date.

Carmen Rosa – Give Me Love
Kayla tells her mom how hard it is to distance herself from Stephan.

REN – Give It All Up
Danae talks to a friend about his relationship with Brianna and her mom

The Palms – Don’t Waste My Time
Jade tries to get her boyfriend to hang out with her4.

CLAVVS – Glass Skin
End Montage.

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