Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 26

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Kyle Reynolds


DSRT – Give Me Oxygen
Kayla and her friends celebrate after Stephan leaves Izaiah’s birthday party.

Wylder – Living Room
Lexi goes out to dinner with Kyler.

Armors – Kerosene
Ashley and her sister spend time with Holly.

William Bolton – Breathe feat. William
Jade talks about Sean’s recovery.

For Esme – Be A Light
Jade’s mom and Sean talk about her current living situation.

Arkivist – Burnout
Brianna tells her mom she is going to start seeing a therapist.

Clouds & Thorns – Whole Lot To Love
Lexi talks to her mom about planning Tobias’s birthday party.

Supermassive – Empty Cup
Kyler comes over to Lexi’s parent’s house.

Brandyn Kaine – Salary
Ashley and Bar take Holly to the park.

Triibe – Legendary
Izaiah blows out the candle on his birthday cake.

LandMARKS – Fighter
Jade looks into going back to school.

The Silverman Brothers – Reach
Braeson learns how to walk.

Future Jr. – Suburbia Blue
Ashley attends an anger management session with Bar.

Jordana – Here’s To You
Lexi, Kyler and her family celebrate Tobias’s first birthday.

Betty Moon – Afterglow
Jade and Sean watch Kloie walk.

Gardien – Dangerous
Kayla is upset her mom confronted her about Stephan.

The Palms – Republic Enemy #1
Bar and Ashley talk after anger management class.

Kyle Reynolds – Love Me For Me
End Montage.


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