Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 25

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Generdyn ft. FJØRA


Red Red Lips – Let Me Be Wild
Jade drops Kloie off at daycare.

Elli Perry – Smoking Gun
Lexi and Kyler have a heart to heart talk.

Jacob Westfall – What If
Lexi is happy that Kyler is putting in more effort to help out.

Allie Moss – Turning To Gold
Brianna is optimistic about her future.

Sheare – RIP
Kayla hangs out with Luke at home.

Adam Agin – Hindsight
Stephan talks to his mom about Izaiah’s first birthday.

Arvi – These Straight Edges
Lexi is nervous to leave Tobias at home.

Foreign Figures – Cold War
Jade talks to Sean about getting a job.

Shimmers – Here We Go
Brianna checks out a community college.

Rough Nights – Living It Up
Lexi and Kyler take a walk in the park.

Zach Berkman – Better Side
Lexi and Kyler take a walk in the park.

Edward & Jane – The Table
Lexi is optimistic about her mom and Kyler’s relationship.

Desta French – Beautiful Kind
Kayla prepares for Izaiah’s first birthday.

BIEN – Slow Motion
Jade meets with her aunt for breakfast.

The TVC – Kiss the Sunshine
Bar and his friend go out to dinner.

Elijah and the Grapes – Today’s The Day
Brianna and her mom visit a pumpkin patch.

Anthem Academy – Wild at Heart
Kayla gets ready for Izaiah’s first birthday party.

Betty Moon – Sound
Kayla arrives at the venue and begins setting up.

Generdyn ft. FJØRA – Bridges
End Montage.


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