Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 24

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Astro Lasso

AJ Edwards – Enswell
Jade and Sean carve pumpkins.

Brianna’s sister visits her in Portland.

E R I K ft. LTM – Bulletproof
Kayla hangs out with her “friend” Luke.

Kid Prism – Light a Fire
Lexi makes a plan to visit her friend in college.

Dsrt ft. Ava – Ride
Ashley talks about her current situation with Bar.

Imagine Kittens – More
Jade talks to Sean about his first day of treatment.

The Years – Weathervane
Jade drops Sean off.

Top Lady – On Top of the World
Lexi and Tobias visit her friend in Denver.

Polarsets – Distance
Ashley moves out of her apartment.

The Minnesota Child – Fireflies
Brianna gets ready to talk to Robert.

Kid Eyes – Ghost
Brianna makes a difficult decision.

tthanks. – Your World
Sean returns from treatment.

LION-S – Lighthouse
Luke expresses his devotion to Kayla and Izaiah.

Desta French – Beautiful Kind
Brianna talks to her sister about her relationship with Robert.

Hill Harris – Do You Like Me Now
Brianna and Vanessa go out for the night.

Northern Faces – All I Know
Lexi spends alone time with her friend.

DEM YUUT – Lil Bit More
Kayla and Luke spend time at home with Izaiah.

Astro Lasso – Do Right and Let It Go
End Montage.


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