Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 23

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: DEM YUUT


Elvett – Home
Jade drives Sean to treatment.

Lenii – Sober Dreams
Jade and Sean are silent as they drive to treatment.

The Minnesota Child – Stay With Me
Lexi and Kyler order fast food.

Brandyn Kaine – Things You’re Missing
Ashley and her mom look at venues for Holly’s birthday.

Baxx Future – Maps
Kayla and Devon look at apartments for rent.

Escondido – Heart is Black
Brianna takes care of Braeson without Robert.

Pom Poms – 123
Lexi and Kyler spend time at his house.

Zach Berkman – Let It All Fall Away
Kyler’s feelings are hurt when he’s not invited on Lexi’s family camping trip.

Party Nails – How Can We
Ashley finds out about Bar getting out of jail.

The Years – Fell Asleep Dreaming
Jade is upset that Sean can’t get admitted into treatment.

Rosendale – Pennies Over Love
Brianna talks to her mom about her relationship with Robert.

Austin Plaine – Honey
Lexi and her family go camping.

Emily Vaughn – Mood
Jade puts Kloie down for a nap.

Jenny & Tyler – Where To Begin
Ashley talks to a therapist about her relationship with Bar.

DEM YUUT – Dawn / Sea
Kayla and her friend drive with Izaiah in the backseat.

Amanda Mair – Wednesday
Kayla is disappointed about her future plans of moving in with Devon.

Flocks and the Lookout – Paper and Ink
Brianna videochats with Robert.

LION-S – Running in a Thief’s Coat
End Montage.


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