Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 21

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Written Years

Austin Plaine – The Hell If I Go Home
Brianna and her family celebrate Braeson’s 1st birthday.

Jenny & Tyler – This Is Just So Beautiful
Brianna helps Braeson blow out his birthday candle.

Adelaide – Lover
Ashley talks about her current situation with Bar.

Allie Moss – Cut My Losses
Ashley talks to her sister about her uncertain future with Bar.

Bien – Crowd Goes Wild
Kayla and her friend watch Izaiah crawl.

Taylor Ocano – Silhouettes
Kayla tells her friend about her upcoming lunch with Stephan.

Clouds and Thorns – Where Will We Go Today
Lexi starts her first day of work.

Zach Berkman – Open Your Eyes (Change Your Mind)
Brianna videochats with her sister.

Zach Bolen – Give It Time
Brianna is stuck at a relationship crossroads.

TAIINA – Losing My Mind
Ashley talks to Bar on the phone.

Amanda Mair – Hopes
Kayla gets Izaiah ready to meet Stephan.

STONE – Make It Look Easy
Jade recovers from her wisdom teeth surgery.

Adna – Closure
Brianna has a heart to heart talk with Robert.

Written Years – It’s Not Your Fault
Ashley and her mom spend time together.

POP ETC – Please Don’t Forget Me
Sean helps take care of Jade after her surgery.

Novah – Alaska
Jade’s parents drop off Kloie.

The Donnies The Amys – Up and Down
Sean and Kloie wave goodbye to her parents.

CLAVVS – Throats
Kayla returns home from her lunch with Stephan.


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