Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 20

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Maya Payne

Maya Payne – If Only
Kayla talks about her decision on whether or not to extend the restraining order.

Holiday Friends – Teenager
Lexi spends the morning with Kyler.

Red Red Lips – I’m Lovin’ This
Jade and Sean spend time together at her house.

Sucre – Inside
Ashley calls her mom to talk about her relationship with Bar’s mom.

BRYCE – You Know
Stephan goes to Florida to visit his mom.

Webster X – Lost Ones
Ashley meets her sister for lunch as her relationship with Bar’s mom becomes strained again.

Lightning Congregation – Oh Yeah!
Jade goes to the dentist to get a consultation about her wisdom teeth.

Now, Now – MJ
Kayla meets a friend for lunch.

William Bolton – Mesmerized
Bar, Ashley, and Holly have a family photoshoot.

TopLady – Green Light, Red Light
Lexi and her friend talk about Kyler while painting pottery.

Dakota Arms – Two Flames Dancing
Jade packs up and moves into her new house.

POLO – Visions of Fortune
Kayla talks to her mom about the possibility of moving out.

Lexxi Saal – Cry No More
End Montage.


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