Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 2

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Al3jandro

Al3jandro – So Good
Ashley picks up Bar after their fight.

Aubergine Machine – Lost
Danae corrects his family on using the proper promouns

Tyson Motsenbocker – Lost
Danae’s mom asks him if he wants to move back home with her.

Aaron Sprinkle  – Not Listening
Jade and her boyfriend move out.

The Wilder Society – Lion’s Den
Lexi and her mom go shopping.

Travelist – Wasted Love
Lexi and her mom talk about her relationship status with Kyler.

SAIVS – Ghost and the Machine
Jade and Sean go out to dinner.

Sebastian Chiali – Crowded Places
Stephan plays basketball with his friends.

Philip LaRue – When I See You
Lexi shows off the promise ring Kyler gave her a year ago.

Inglorous – Bang Bang
Jade talks to her grandma for advice.

Blayre Mic – I’m Invincible
Ashley and her family get ready for the baby.

Alejandro – My Heart, My Queen
Kayla catches Stephan in a lie.


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