Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 19

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Your Favorite Color

Zayde Wolf – Do What We Wanna Do
Ashley talks about wanting to have a better relationship with Bar’s mom.

Kings Kaleidoscope – Alive (feat. Beleaf, Braille & Derek Minor)
Jade meets Sean for dinner.

Elijah and the Grapes – March
Kayla talks to her friends about her restraining order against Stephan.

JM-N – We Can Make It
Lexi and Kyler make an unconventional deal.

Supermassive – Nevva Evva
Brianna and her family move into their new house.

Bien – One Degree
Jade talks to Sean about Kloie’s health condition.

Your Favorite Color – Their Way
Jade and Sean take Kloie to the doctor.

Crater – Novocaine
Stephan calls his mom.

Lydia – Sunlight
Lexi goes grocery shopping with Tobias.

Your Favorite Color – Heartache
Jade has lunch with a friend while Sean babysits Kloie.

DAANI – All of a Sudden
Brianna watches Braeson while her boyfriend looks for a job

Maya Payne – Something We Once
Bar’s mom watches Holly for the night.

Rainsford – S.I.D.
Kayla is confused about what to do regarding the restraining order against Stephan.

The Roosevelts – Suit
Kyler surprises Lexi.

I, Us, & We – 22
Brianna is annoyed with her mom bringing up Braeson’s biological father.

Nicholas Roberts – Feel
End Montage.


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