Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 22

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: The Donnies The Amys


Coulds and Thorns – Every Heart
Kayla and her mom get ready for Izaiah’s baptism.

The Hunts – Darlin’
Stephan video chats with his mom.

Seaker – Fireworks
Ashley spenders time at her mom’s house after getting into a fight with Bar

Foreign Figures – Hey Love
Ashley has a hart to heart conversation with her mom.

Neo Noir – Make Me Good
Jade gets ready to take Kloie to a pumpkin patch with Sean.

The Donnies The Amys – Xxes
Jade takes Kloie without Sean.

Feelds – Colourblind
Brianna is nervous about her upcoming conversation with Robert.

Kari Kimmel – Anywhere
Lexi gets eyelash extensions.

Rough Nights – Living It Up
Kayla’s mom shows pictures of Kayla’s baptism.

Ashley discovers a video on social media that really upsets her.

Wylder – At The End Pt 1
Brianna reflects on her decision with Robert.

Lauren Monogold – Dead Man Walking
Jade makes Sean take a drug test.

Krigare – Sparks
Kayla thinks her friend told Kayla’s mom about her secret with Stephan.

Night Panda x Rayelle – Payback
Ashley looks to get a restraining order.

She’s An Island – Watch Yourself
Sean comes over to talk to Jade.

Red Red Lips – Let’s Get this Party Going
Kyler has a birthday party at his mom’s house.

Zach Berkman – If You Give Up
Robert packs up his belongings.

Shani Rose ft. Mau Jimene – I’ll Still Be Here
End Montage.


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