Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 17

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Tesha

Crusoe – Living with the Lights Out
Jade’s mom watches Kloie while Jade struggles.

Zach Berkman – Faster Than We Ever
Brianna and her family reunite in Portland.

Lucian and Jupe ft. Tim Moyo – Love and Leave
Ashley talks about Bar’s brother’s final court date.

Now, Now – Set It Free
Jade attends a doctor’s appointment.

Onders – Like the Kids Do
Brianna, her sisters, and their boyfriends walk around Portland.

Andrew Belle – Sister
Brianna and her sister talk about living apart.

The Spacies – The One That Got Away
Brianna and her sister prepare to say goodbye.

Dojo for Crooks – Son of a Gun
Jade calls her cousin after her doctor’s appointment.

No No Yeah OK – That Ain’t You
Lexi talks to her mom about not going to the Senior party.

Angus Powell – Hole in My Heart
Brianna and her mom drop her sister off at the airport.

Tesha – Dreams
Ashley plays with Holly in bed.

Hidden State – Hold On
Jade’s mom drops Kloie off at Jade’s house.

Young Summer – Propellor
End Montage.


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