Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 15

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Lydia

Distance – Enough’s Enough
Kayla and Stephan play with their son.

Travelist – Way You More
Kayla talks about the strained relationship with Stephan and her mom.

The Brotherhood – Drag Me Out
Jade talks about her relationship status with Sean.

Brianna and her boyfriend hang out at a park.

Wildkin – Take Me Like a Drug
Brianna talks about her past relationship with Danae.

The Maine – How Do You Feel
Brianna and her sister play with Braeson.

Tyson Motenbocker – Lost
Brianna meets with a specialist about Braeson’s condition.

Lydia – Red Lights
Brianna talks to her friend about her situation with Kyler.

JM-N – Heyo
Kayla and her mom wait for Stephan to come over.

Haley Joelle – My Own Voice
Stephan has a talk with Kayla’s mom.

Cin3ma – Temperance
Brianna and Robert pack for Oregon.

Cynnamon – You Know
Ashley and Bar meet up with her sister, Chris.

She’s An Island – Circles
Bar and Chris have a heart to heart conversation.

Jessica Lamb – Call This Home
Lexi has a talk with Kyler about moving to Arizona.

LDYJ – Do It Up
Jade gets a makeover.

Foreign Figures – Reign
End Montage.


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