Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 14

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Zayde Wølf

Noosa – Don’t Fight the Feeling
Lexi talks to her mom about her upcoming trip with Kyler.

Wildkin – Me No Game
Ashley gets ready for Bar’s surprise birthday party.

The Maine – The Sound of Reverie
Brianna and her boyfriend hang out at her mom’s house.

Studio Eats – Too Much
Lexi packs for her trip to Arizona.

The Delta Riggs – Don’t Be Lonely
Jade plays with Kloie at home.

Greg Hvnsen – Sugar
Brianna still hasn’t heard an answer from Robert regarding her big question.

Andrew Belle – When The End Comes
Danae and his mom go out to lunch.

Polo – Louder Than Words
Stephan comes over to Kayla’s mom’s house.

The Magnettes – Young and Wild
Lexi and Kyler start their vacation.

P O L L A – Miles
Kyler asks Lexi if she’d consider moving to Arizona.

Elektrik People – Stay Late
Brianna and Robert have a talk about their future.

Edward + Jane – Days
Robert tells Brianna his decision.

Zayde Wølf – Born Ready
End Montage.


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