Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 13

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Lenii & Benta

Northern National – Love Together
Brianna talks about her new boyfriend, Robert.

Wolfkids – Heroes
Kayla talks to a guy friend from high school.

Shani Rose ft. Mau – I’ll Still Be Here
Kayla is stressed about the potential cost of Izaiah’s medical condition.

Patternist – Far from Now
Lexi picks up her cousin at the airport.

The Exit Sound – The One I Loved
Kayla talks to her friend about Izaiah’s helmet.

Noosa – Sail
Brianna’s mom shares big news while out to dinner with the family.

William Bolton – Mesmerized
Lexi and Kyler go out on a lunch date.

Lenii & Benta – Bones
Jade talks about the dissolution of her relationship with Sean.

Lowpass Lushes – Ride Out
Ashley gets ready for Bar’s party.

Garrison Starr – These Are The Days
Kayla and Stephan leave Izaiah’s doctor’s appointment.

Sam Tinnesz ft. Super – Babel
End Montage.


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