Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 12

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Tanerélle

GHOSTAS – Light in the Sky
Kayla talks to a guy friend from high school.

Pom Poms – Go Go
Brianna hangs out with her friends after breaking up with Danae.

Brain Tan – Moth
Brianna tells her friends about her new dating life.

Now, Now – P0WDER
Jade drops off Kloie with Sean.

Written Years – The Station
Lexi talks to her friends about her relationship with Kyler.

America – Fall Down
Ashley and Bar play with their baby at home.

Studio Eats – Love in the Summer
Brianna and her friend go on a date.

Lenii – Sober Dreams
Jade lets Sean stay over at her house.

Lucian feat. Beth Duck – Sick of Love
Jade lets Sean stay over at her house.

Noosa – Walk on By
Lexi talks about her friends’ promise rings.

The Exit Sound – You and Me
Lexi and Kyler define their relationship.

Mothica – Heavy Heart
Kayla and her mom talk about Stephan.

Dojo for Crooks – Love is All
Brianna talks about her feelings for Robert.

TAIINA – Pick It Up
Jade and Sean go to therapy.

Cynnamon – You Know
Sean gets emotional.

Travelist – What Would You Have Me Do
Lexi talks to her mom about her relationship with Kyler.

She’s An Island – Circles
Ashley gets ready for her first day of her new job.

Sam Tinnesz feat. Yacht Money – Play With Fire
Ashley has second thoughts about having Bar’s mom over at the house.

Tanerélle – Siren
End Montage.

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