Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 11

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: Now, Now

Marsican – Too Good
Kayla’s mom takes care of the baby while Kayla gets ready to meet a friend.

Bows – Here We Are
Lexi talks about being lonely with Kyler gone.

Fraea – Caaves
Ashley talks to her sister about her new apartment.

CLAVVS – Pledge Allegiance
Brianna and her mom help feed her baby a bottle.

Austin Plaine – Long Way Home
Sean talks to his friend about the breakdown of his relationship with Jade.

Pom Poms – Heart in a Suitcase
Kayla moves Stephan’s belongings out of her house.

Miles Knox – Gonna Be Holy
Ashley and Bar visit Bar’s mom in Las Vegas.

Olly Anna – Ain’t Mad About It
Ashley is upset with how Bar’s mom treated her.

Now, Now – SGL
Lexi meets her dad.

Sucre – More Than You Bargained
Jade gets home from work after her mom failed to show up to babysit.

ARMORS – Kerosene
Ashley talks to Bar about her frustration with his mom.

Now, Now – Saved
Kayla and her mom talk about the recent visit with their lawyer.

Now, Now – MJ
Lexi gets ready for her high school graduation.

I.Am.Willow – Sugar Rain
Lexi graduates high school.

Andrew Belle – You
Jade is upset when her mom is late for dinner.

Wolfside – Long Goodbye
Brianna talks to her sister about her last conversation with Danae.

Philip LaRue – Don’t Let Go
End Montage.

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