Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 1, Episode 10

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: SLEEPLUST

Jessica Lamb – Heavy
Brianna’s mom comes to Chicago after Danae kicks Brianna out.

Sleeping Wolf – Demons at the Door
Lexi talks about Kyler’s rejection.

Andrew Belle – Dark Matter
Ashley and Bar find an apartment and start moving in.

AL3JANDRO – Bury Me with My Gold
Ashley talks to her mom about Bar.

Lucian – Sober Heart
Brianna moves back in with her mom.

Dojo for Crooks – Love is All
Kayla’s mom talks to Kayla about Stephan using her debit card.

Miles Knox – This Place
Kayla and her friend get their nails done.

Broken Bellows – Gravity
Lexi talks to her family about hre current status with Kyler.

Sleeping in Cars – Trying to Breathe
Lexi’s stepdad tells her to stand up for herself.

The Cinema – Call It In the Air
Jade enjoys having the apartment to herself.

Mothica – Sometimes
Jade gets her nails done with her cousin.

POLO – Gold Horizons
Ashley and Bar settle into their new apartment.

Big Waves – Examples, Examples, Examples
Lexi attends a Mommy & Me class.

Cela – Drop and Role
Brianna talks to her sister about her breakup.

Ren – Give It All Up
Ashley calls her dad over after her fight with Bar.

SLEEPLUST – Forever & Always
Bar takes care of the baby while talking to Ashley about his future intentions to talk to her mom.

PJ Pacifico – Jump Right In
Ashley expresses how important it is for Bar to apologize.

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