Music from Teen Mom 3 Episode 2


Featured Artist: George Byrne

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Teen Mom 3 – Airdate: August 26, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face


Kurt Von Stetten – L.a.r.p.

(scene: Mackenzie talks to her sister about moving in with Josh)

Built Like Alaska – Break of Day

(scene: Alex talks about Matt getting out of rehab and their recent fight over money)

Tre Burt and Big Gust of Wind – Shoes

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh are driving)

The Longwalls – Sargasso In Space

(scene: Briana, her mother, and sister talk about their CPR class)

George Byrne – I Wish

(scene: Mackenzie’s mom says she will ask Mackenzie’s father about Josh moving in with them)

Beware of Safety – Moorpark Ends

(scene: Alex’s mom check Matt’s eyes to see if he’s high)

The Trophy Fire – Further Than We Know

(scene: Josh talks to his friend about moving in with Mackenzie)

Alexander Fairchild – Moving On

(scene: Joey talks to the restaurant manager about helping him with his proposal)

Wing & A Prayer – Picking Up Pieces

(scene: Briana and her mother get ready for court)

Rogue Valley – Somewhere In Massachusetts

(scene: Briana’s mother tells her she doesn’t have to take the abuse from her baby’s father)

Holiday Parade – She Came Around

(Closing Montage)

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