Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 9

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Boundary Run


Windsor  – You Can’t Handle It
Cory plays with Ryder while Cheyenne has lunch with her family.

Pomegranates – 50’s
Maci suffers from PCOS pain..

Kaptan – Hardest Part
Amber talks to Andrew about her health concerns.

Leucadia – Easy To Love
Cheyenne gets ready to meet Matt’s family.

Schier – Holding Out For You (with Lizzy Land)
Cheyenne meets the parents.

Willyecho – A Little Bit Bad
Maci and Taylor get ready to go golfing.

Boundary Run – Ready To Fall
Amber gets emotional talking about Leah’s anxiety.

Photronique – Fire it Up
Catelynn spends time with her friends.

Drawing North – Stay
Catelynn and her friends go to a club.

Wesley Jensen and The Penny Arcade – Color
Maci talks to Taylor about birth control methods.

Pictures of the Sun – Of Your Day Dream
Amber tells Andrew the results of her liver test.

Black Sea Dahu – Take Stock Of What I Have
End Montage.



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