Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 7

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Tow’rs

Heartbreak Kid – Coming Alive
Amber makes plans for Mother’s Day.

The Technicolors – Little Charmer
Tyler leaves for Texas to celebrate his sister’s year of sobriety.

MIZZI – My Way
Maci talks about PCOS awareness at a luncheon.

Mikey Wax – Do You Believe Me
Maci talks to supporters and fans after her talk.

Memory Fields – On a Summer’s Day
Amber, Kristina, and Leah get pedicures.

Geron Hoy – All It Takes
Amber talks to Kristina about her history of panic attacks.

Saxons  – Do It Right
Cory and his girlfriend take Ryder to the aquarium.

Jet Black Alley Cat – She’s Alright
Cory and his girlfriend talk about his relationship with Cheyenne.

KidEyes – Let Go
Maci goes to Capitol Hill to talk about PCOS funding.

Tow’rs – Alright
Gary and Kristina talk about Leah’s panic attacks.

Lizzy Land – Bad Things
End Montage.



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