Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 5

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Paper Lights

Photronique – Fire It Up
Cheyenne has a BBQ at her mom’s house before her boyfriend leaves.

Rebel Kicks – Breaking It Off
Amber and her family celebrate James’ first birthday.

MIZZI – Walk A Mile In My Boots
Cheyenne talks to her aunt about her boyfriend, Matt.

Kari Kimmel – Gold & Glitter
Cheyenne talks about Matt moving to LA.

Pictures of the Sun – In My Dreams
James eats his birthday cake.

Koley – Out of Berlin
Catelynn and Tyler’s adoption counselor visits them at home.

Kaptan  – Way Out
Catelynn and Nova feed the animals in their yard.

Mikey Wax – Hang On
Catelynn makes a scrapbook for Carly for her 10th birthday.

Paper Lights – Place to Begin
End Montage.



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