Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 24

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Wylder


Pictures of the Sun – I Don’t Want To
Gary and Kristina talk about Amber’s new relationship.

Katie Buchanan – Oh Lord
Mackenzie checks in on her dad in the days before her mom’s birthday.

Sam Shelton  – I Do It My Way
Cory and Taylor visit Cheyenne at home.

Bryar  – River
Cheyenne is nervous about all of the upcoming changes in her life.

Duel Nation – Giants
Maci and Taylor get the decision about Bentley’s acceptance into private school.

Taki Waki – Anything’s Possible
Catelynn and Tyler spend time with his mom.

SEAWAVES feat. DAANI – Nightmares
Cheyenne gives a speech at a rare disease conference.

Awake or Sleeping – Hummingbird
Amber says goodbye to Dimitri.

Grace Meridian – Away From The Water
Mackenzie deals with the kids rough-housing.

FJORA – Let’s Do It
Cheyenne and her family celebrate Ryder during rare disease weekend.

Lena Van Woods – What About Us
Amber talks to a producer about her relationship.

Moving Castles – Balconies
Ryan and Mackenzie spend time with their two kids at home.

Wylder – If I Love You
Mackenzie celebrates her mom’s birthday with a memorial run.

Shades – IDK
Catelynn and Tyler contemplate gender selection.

Tim Halperin – The Best Is Yet To Come
End Montage


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