Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 21

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: FJØRA


HVNTER – Game Time
Bentley spends time with Ryan and Mackenzie.

FJØRA – It All Starts Here
Mackenzie gives birth.

King Kaleidoscope – A Little Bit of Faith
Catelynn and Tyler talk about re-starting their clothing company.

Lena Van Woods – Why Don’t We Talk
Ryan and Mackenzie return home from the hospital.

glashaus – Paralyzed
Amber questions Dimitri’s intentions.

Awake or Sleeping – AM Nights
Mackenzie, Josh, and their daughter fly to Florida.

Kali J – Upside Down
Tyler talks to Catelynn about the relaunch cost.

Into the Wild – This is War
Amber is nervous about the results of the lie detector test.

Heather Miley – Feel Like Home
Amber receives Dimitri’s results.

Ghostas – Ice Cold Blood
Ryan’s parents meet Stella.

Shades – Somebody’s Everything
Cheyenne and Ryder return from the hospital.

Paulette – Made For This
Mackenzie teaches a cardio class.

Katie Buchanan – Time is Not a Plan
End Montage.


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