Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 20

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Harrison Storm


Estef – Anyways
Gary takes Amber to the airport.

Drive!Drive! – Feels 2.0
Dimitri arrives.

Kali J – Shake It (My Way)
Cheyenne spends time at her mom’s house.

Pete + Sara – It Turns Out
Mackenzie and her family and friends attend her mom’s memorial service.

Harrison Storm – Sense of Home
Mackenzie talks to her friend about dealing with the loss of her mom.

New Perspectives – All I Wanna Do
Maci and Taylor talk about Bentley’s wrestling future.

Guard – Cognitive Distance
Tyler and Catelynn are upset when they catch their friend in a lie.

Imaginary Future – I’m Doing Everything I Can
Taylor spends time with her friends in Portland while Cory’s away.

Glassio – A Million Doubts
Mackenzie and Josh talk to a producer about their feelings since her mom passed.

Alkali – Up So High
Amber introduces Dimitri to Leah.

Taki Waki – This is Magic
Ryan and Mackenzie talk about her pregnancy.

Patternist – No One Waits For You
Maci takes Bentley to a school entrance exam.

Harrison Storm – The Words You Say
Tyler, Catelynn, and their friend Ashley have a heart to heart.

Laraw – Mood AF
Gary and Kristina talk about Amber’s new relationship.

Lena Van Woods – Why Don’t We Talk
Amber talks to Dimitri about his feelings about her family.

Hollow Coves – Anew
End Montage.


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