Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 19

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Sonnet Simmons


Tyler Batts – Breathe
Amber reveals that she’s open to dating.

Hollow Coves – Notions
Mackenzie spends time with her mom after her cancer treatment.

Joshua Hyslop – What’s To Come
Mackenzie’s mom shares an update on her health condition.

Chair Model – BFF
Cory spends time with Ryder before he leaves town.

Justin Garner – Rush
Cheyenne talks to her sister about her relationship status.

In The Valley Below – Blue Sky Drugs
Bentley spends time with Ryan, Jen, and Larry.

Grace Meridian – Gonna Need a Brick
Maci talks Taylor about Ryan’s sobriety.

GHOSTAS – Never Letting Go
Catelynn brings her dog to the vet.

King Kaleidoscope – Backwards
Cory says goodbye to Cheyenne before he leaves.

Kali J – Rescue Me
Amber talks to a producer about her new relationship.

Elia Ex – Watch This
Amber shows the producer a picture of her new crush.

Sonnet Simmons – Hit Em With a Bang
Bentley goes ice skating with Ryan and his family.

Beau Jennings & The Tigers – Dairy Queen
Catelynn is nervous to pursue a vet tech career.

Geron Hoy – Lucky
Cory leaves town.

The National Parks – Waiting for Lightning
Gary and Kristina talk about Amber’s new relationship.

HVNTER – Vulture
Amber facetimes her crush.

Boundary Run – Make It Out
End Montage.


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