Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 16

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Ocean Pleasant


Black Sea Dahu – Take Stock of What I Have
Gary visits Amber at home.

Brightout – Dive In
Josh sets up a scavenger hunt for Mackenzie’s birthday.

Peter Verdell – Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
Maci thinks about birthday ideas for Bentley.

Taki Waki – Can’t Get Better Than This
Cheyenne sets up a photoshoot for her clothing line.

Zuma – Coming Alive
Cory facetimes with his dad.

Cameron Paul – Stand By You
Catelynn talks to her psychiatrist.

Harley – Where We Goin’
Cheyenne talks to her family about her new business venture.

Christian Carcamo – Are You Still In Love
Mackenzie describes the qualities of a perfect husband.

Cynnamon – All or Nothing
Catelynn and Tyler talk about the backlash they’ve received online.

Communist Daughter – Beach Stalker
Maci texts Mackenzie about Bentley’s birthday party.

The Hunts – Heaven Knows
Mackenzie continues her birthday scavenger hunt.

Ocean Pleasant – Premonition
Mackenzie finishes her scavenger hunt.

Rebel Kicks – Fall of the American Dream
Gary takes Amber to the doctor.

Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure – Perfect Night
Cory talks to Cheyenne about his work opportunity.

True Babies – New Beginning
Mackenzie and Ryan have dinner with his parents.

BIZ – Our Home
End Montage.


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