Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 12

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Lauren O’Connell


Leucadia – Easy To Love
Maci talks to Bentley about his slipping grades.

Lauren O’Connell – Moon Hang Low
Mackenzie meets up with her mom.

H. Kenneth -Welcome to the Breakdown
Amber talks to her psychiatrist.

Cheyenne talks to Cory about doing charity work with Ryder.

Colly – Won’t Say No
Catelynn, Tyler, and the family go to the park to meet with Carly.

FLOWVERS – Long Way Home
Maci takes Bentley to see a counselor.

Stok – Something New
Cheyenne facetimes with her boyfriend, Matt.

Saxons – Million Miles
Amber’s cousin comes over to visit

Way Way Okay! – Get Next To Me
Cheyenne, Cory, Taylor, and Ryder drop off donations at a local shelter.

Walker Reinhardt – I Will Get Mine
Maci talks to her friend about Bentley’s therapy session.

Forest Bells– Honest Mistake
Catelynn, Tyler, and the family meet up with Carly and her family at the zoo.

Grackus L. Ray – Some Day (You Never Know)
Tyler and Catelynn are emotional after saying goodbye to Carly

MOONWATER – Tethered
End Montage.




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