Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 8, Episode 1

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: The Technicolors

STONE – I Want It
Maci’s kids wrestle at home.

Rebel Kicks – Unbroken
Nova wakes Catelynn up in the morning.

MIZZI – Feeling Good
Cory comes over to Cheyenne’s house.

Magicbrother – Alright OK
Cheyenne explains her relationship with Cory.

Club Danger – Living Legend
Cory tells Cheyenne he is dating someone.

Anthem Academy – Never Be Alone
Gary facetimes with his wife, Kristina.

Mikey Wax – Never Letting You Go
Tyler talks to a producer about Catelynn’s mental state.

The Technicolors – Sweat
Taylor puts the kids to bed.

IOLITE – Born To Fly
Catelynn puts Nova down for a nap.

Zayde Wolf – Strike a Match
Ryan and Mackenzie go out to dinner.

KAPTAN – Sunny Day
Cheyenne picks Ryder up from Cory’s house.

Willyecho – Warriors
End Montage.



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