Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 9

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Vacationer

Butler – Top of the World
Maci and Taylor spend time with the kids at home.

Krysta Young feat. Randall Kent – 100 Happy Days
Amber talks to producers about her big news.

Crusoe – Standing on Lightning
Maci calls Amber.

Aaron J Trumm – Don’t Stop
Farrah and her family take an Italian gondala.

Vacationer – In the Grass
Amber’s boyfriend Andrew talks to a producer about his situation.

Highfields – Still To Come
Macy and Taylor celebrate their 1 year anniversary.

Analog Colours – Already Won
Farrah’s dad asks his girlfriend a life changing question.

Disable Danger – Can’t Tell The World
Catelynn and Tyler arrive at their photoshoot location.

BAUM – Hot Water
Macy and Taylor arrive at a restaurant for their anniversary dinner.

Animal Fiction – What I Do
Catelynn find the missing car keys.

AJ Edwards – Sonar
Tyler takes his mom to thee the renovations at their new house.


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