Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 29

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Chair Model

Stella Mwangi – Get Together
Cheyenne celebrates her birthday with friends in Los Angeles.

Sweet Talk Radio – Blue
Amber continues to struggle with depression.

Young Girls – Losing It
Dakota is in Kentucky with his daughters.

Honoraries ft. Chance Pena – Crossing Oceans
Tyler and Catelynn pick out appliances for the new house.

Chair Model – Diamond White
Cheyenne and her friends talk about last night’s drama.

Hayley Ross – Jangled
Gary gets his DNA lab results back.

Tuxedo Wildlife – Depths
Catelynn and Tyler talk to his mom about their upcoming trial separation.

Garrison Starr – Beyond Repair
Gary and Kristina meet with a very special person.

Adison – Strangers
Cheyenne and Cory have a heart to heart talk.

Feelgood – Set Me Free
Dakota goes skydiving.

The Donnies The Amys – Episodes
Maci and Taylor bring Jade home from the hospital after her surgery.

Mikey Wax – YOKO
Amber talks to Andrew about her postpartum depression.

Edward & Jane – Take Me With You
End Montage.



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