Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 2

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Sleeping Wolf

Flora Cash – When Pleasure Fails
Amber and Matt talk about the status of their engagement.

Hemmingbirds – Mess of Things
Michael gives MTV producers a tour of his house.

Beachcomber – Baby is Unseen
Catelynn and Tyler get ready for their clothing line’s photo shoot.

Alma Mater – Magic
Catelynn and Tyler help on the set of their photo shoot.

Brain Tan – I’d Really Like to Slow
Maci plays a board game with with Bentley.

Austin Bello – Alive
Farrah goes house hunting in Los Angeles.

Layup – Don’t Hold Back
Catelynn and Tyler visit their new house.

Distant Cousins – Look Away
Catelynn and Tyler drive home from their new house

Randall Kent – Spin the Globe
Amber’s family wait for her to wake up before they go boating.

The Donnies The Amys – Micheltorena
Ryan and Mackenzie talk about his rehab experience.

Canopy Climbers – Secret
Ryan and Mackenzie drive home.

Brian Bombadil – I Want You, Baby
Catelynn and Tyler talk about her upcoming Dr.’s appointment.

Bien – Write Your Story
Amber and her family go out to dinner.

Firewoodisland – Dearest Brother
Catelynn and Tyler go camping with friends.

Patternist – Don’t You Try
Ryan hangs out at her parent’s house.

Sleeping Wolf – Collide
End Montage.

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