Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 19

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Bloke & Bird

Ghostas – Everywhere (Our Luv)
Maci and her family play outside.

Youth – Fire
Meet the new teen mom, Bristol.

Spectre Jones – Fire in the Dust
Catelynn talks about her struggle with depression and her return to the mental health facility.

LDY J – What You Do
Amber reflects on her relationship with Andrew.

Pictures of the Sun – Beating Heart
Gary plays with Emilee at home.

7th & Hope – Great Day To Be Alive
Amber’s family visits her in the hospital to see the new baby.

Bloke & Bird – It’s Alright
Cory, the father of Cheyenne’s daughter, talks to his friends about his relationship with them.

Imaginary Future – Long Road Home
Amber and Andrew change James’ diaper at home.

Grackus L Ray – The Skies Above
Catelynn video chats with Tyler and Nova.

Now Now – Yours
Bristol talks about her wedding at her sister’s bachelorette party.

Honoraries – Beautiful Life
Cheyenne and Cory take Ryder to gymnastics class.

Chair Model – That’s Me
Bristol reunites with her husband and her kids in Austin.

Seawaves – Here
Dakota and Bristol have a talk while driving home.

Lybecker – Tonight
Tyler sets up a therapy appointment.

Bella Loka – Go Down
Cheyenne talks to her mom about including her boyfriend in activities with Ryder.

Animal Fiction – Can We Love
Amber invites her whole family over to her house to spend time with the new baby.

LION S – Get Found
End Montage.

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